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  • high quality 2-Ethyl Anthraquinone for H2O2 production

    high quality 2-Ethyl Anthraquinone for H2O2 production

    CAS NO.: 84-51-5 Molecular Formula: C16H12O2 Appearance: light yellow flaky solid or powder Uses: Mainly used as a carrier for the production of hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinone method, and also used in the synthesis of medicine, photosensitive materials, dyes, etc. Product packaging: Product packaging is a 25KG double-lined composite kraft paper bag or a 500KG composite container bag, or according to customer requirements. Storage: Store in a cool and sealed storage tank, away from fire an...

  • 2-Ethyl-Anthraquinone, CAS NO: 84-51-5 for H2O2 production

    2-Ethyl-Anthraquinone, CAS NO: 84-51-5 for H2O2 production

    Package 25kg/ Kraft paper bag with black PE bag lined or according to your requirement. Storage The products shall be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. Specification Appearance yellowish solid flakes Melting Point 109~111 ℃ EAQ content ≥  98.5 % Benzene-insoluble ≤ 0.05 % Cl content ≤ 40 ppm S content ≤ 5 ppm Fe content ≤ 5 ppm Packing

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Luoyang Liming Chemical Technology Industry and Trade Corporation is a secondary institution of the Liming Chemical Research Institute. The company relies on the strong scientific research, technology, design, and development advantages of Liming Chemical Research Institute, and is leading in the development and production of 2-ethylanthraquinone, filled polytetrafluoroethylene and its series products, as well as some fine chemical products in China. With a production capacity of over 1000 tons of high-quality 2-ethylanthraquinone and over 500 tons of filled polytetrafluoroethylene, the product performance and quality can fully meet the requirements of different customers and have been highly praised by users.

At present, the company has nearly a hundred employees. Among them, there are dozens of professors, senior engineers, engineers, and other professional and technical personnel. Our company will always strictly manage production, sales, and services in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2000 quality management system.

Our company’s spirit of “Integrity First, Quality Supremacy” is the principle for every detail on our production. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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